Astrological Horse Racing for Students of Astrology – by Janet Canedo


Big Brown – Haskell Invitational Monmouth Park NJ

I love to have fun and one of the many things that I like to do is gamble!  To think you could actually increase your odds of winning by using astrology as a tool!  I first stumbled upon using this method of astrology to place bets on horses in a book I read about 15 years ago called “A Time for Astrology” by Jess Stearn.  What a great book!  I loved this book so much that I read it about 3 times.  There was one part in the book about a man named Llewellyn George who mapped horse races with success.  Of course I was immediately intrigued!  What a concept!  It made sense to me because from what I have learned about astrology over the years, not only are people born but things/events are also born.  You can cast a chart for any event at all so why not a horse race?  I had to try this, afterall, I had visions of $$$ dancing in my head!

I knew nothing of horse racing, I think I may have been to the track once as a kid.  No worries, I went to the Monmouth Park Race Track and bought myself a racing form to look up all of the races.  Lo and behold in the racing form they had listed the time of day for each race!  So….. the “time” of the race actually represents the “birth” of that race and from there a chart can be cast – sheer genious!  Each race was about 20-30 minutes apart so that was easy enough, I would make as many charts as there were races for that day and look at  each chart/race separately.  Ok, so now I knew how to chart the “birth” of each race, how was I going to pick the winning horses?

Well the first and most obvious place to start would be with your own chart.  First determine if it’s a good day to gamble – if your own chart is favorable for a day of gambling then why not try it out?  If it’s a good day for gambling, go ahead and do your race charts.

The ascendant of the race chart will describe the race itself and it will be the ascendant and the moon that will change the most throughout the day, the rest of the chart will not change that much.  For each chart, find the strongest aspects, choose only the ones closest in degree, these are factors in determining the winner of the race.  Ideally, planets making the closest aspects from angular houses should always be considered first.  The aspects that the moon is making at the time of the race is another factor.  Are any of these angular planets aspecting the ascendant or the ruler of the ascendant?  You only want to choose 2-3 of the strongest closest aspects in the chart.

For instance, with Llewellyn’s race at Del Mar, the Sun was Square Uranus indicating an “upset” of some sort.  The Moon was also sextile Venus within one hour of the race which suggests amorous connotations in the winner’s name.  Mars was sitting on the descendant toward a trine aspect to Jupiter in the 10th house which implied a longshot winner would have both Venusian and Martian characteristics in his name.   After checking the racing form, “Love’s Arrow” fit the description of what was going on in this chart.  Love’s Arrow ran to win with the least effort despite the high odds.

The chart below represents the 10th race at Monmouth Park, Eatontown-NJ on August 3, 2008 at 5pm, the annual Million Dollar “Haskell Invitational”.  The horse named “Big Brown” was the favorite for this race running with odds of 1:2, a long shot by no means, everyone expected Big Brown to win.  Let’s take a look at the chart for this race.  For learning purposes this is an easy one so that you can best get the idea of how this works.  The names of the horses and their colors for this race were as follows:

#2 – Cool Coal Man – Pinkish Purple and Yellow

#3 – Alaazo – Light Blue and Yellow with Yellow and Light Blue Dots

#4 – Big Brown – A red, white and blue ensemble resembling the American Flag

#5 – Nistle’s Crunch – Black with Yellow Stripes

#6.1 – Coal Play – Pinkish Purple with Yellow Stripes

#6 – Attoned – Green with Yellow Dots and Green Stripes

#7 – Magical Forest – Black with Pink Dots


The first place we will look is at the ascendant which is in Sagittarius and ruled by Jupiter.  Pluto is sitting there at 28* degrees getting ready to leave the sign in the first angular house and Jupiter is sitting in the first angular house as well!  When we think of Sagittarius and Jupiter we think of big things, Jupiter is expansive and known as the Greater Benefic, “Big Happy Fatso”.  Next, what is the moon doing?  The moon is at 13* degrees of Virgo (an earth sign) and is trining Jupiter (the ruler of the first) at 14* degrees which is the closest aspect in the chart and the strongest.  We have the ascendant Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter, Jupiter in the first house angular and trine the Moon in an earth sign.  The winner of this race will have a name that is HUGE in some way and EARTHY in some way.  “Big Brown” fits this bill perfectly right?  After all, dirt is brown isn’t it?  We also have Mars (the fighter) in Virgo trining Jupiter to give this confirmation more strength – ain’t nobody gonna mess with “Big Brown”.  Big Brown is the pick for this race but hold on, “Coal Play” ran in second place and  “Cool Coal Man” came in third.  This is interesting because “Coal” is a readily combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock and also represents an earthy element.  So why do you think that Big Brown won over the other two horses?  Sounds strange, but the sole fact that he has the word “BIG” in his name best describes the ascendant Jupiter!   What a nice tri-fecta this would have been!

If you look at the rest of the names in the lineup you will see that none of them resemble anything Big or Earthy and the only two horses who ran close second and third both had the word “Coal” in their names!  Magical Forest had to be ruled out completely because there is nothing “Magical” about Sagittarius or Virgo even though a “Forest” is an earthly thing.  If Neptune were involved somehow, Magical Forest would have become a consideration.

I have been quite lucky at the track using this method.  My biggest win to date was $300 on a single race with a $50 bet, the chart was too clear to pass this up, I was convinced of the winner in that case and I turned out to be right.  It was a great day not only for the money but because the formula was working.

If you are interested in my help to pick races, please contact me @

Saturn – The Lord of Karma and Life Lessons by Janet Canedo

Saturn BlueSaturn has many nicknames and descriptions:  The Stern Teacher, The Taskmaster, The Grim Reaper, The Lord of Karma and many others.

Saturn represents restrictions and limitations, responsibilities and lessons we must learn in life lest we destine ourselves to repeat them over and over until we “get it”.  Wherever you find Saturn in your birth chart, you will find the area of your life where the karmic tests and lessons are.  A well-aspected Saturn can bring incredible success.  “Well-Aspected” means that other planets are placed favorably in relation to Saturn in your chart.  Saturn propels us to higher levels of awareness and strongly delivers the consequences when we fail to grow in wisdom from it’s lessons.  Learn and grow or repeat, sooner or later we are made to learn the lessons meant for us.

Every 29 years Saturn returns to it’s natal position in your birth chart.  These times of “Saturn Return” are major, maturing, growth-oriented, turning points in our lives.  The first transit of Saturn to it’s natal position is between the ages of 29-30 (The Maturing Phase).  This is why people older than thirty are markedly more mature than people in their 20’s.  By the time you are in your 30’s you are undeniably an adult.  The second pass of Saturn to it’s natal position is between the ages of 57-59 (The Phase of Wisdom).    The third pass of Saturn is between the ages of 86-88.

What area of life (birth chart house position) is Saturn in your chart?

The 1st House:  Your Self and Vitality

The 2nd House:  Money and Material Possessions

The 3rd House:  Communication, Siblings and Close Surroundings

The 4th House:  Family, Home, Heredity, Origins and Your Father

The 5th House:  Love, Pleasure, Leisure, Children and Creativity

The 6th House:  Daily Life & Work, Colleagues, Lower-Ranking Colleagues and Health

The 7th House:  Unions, Partnerships, Associations and Contracts

The 8th House:  Passions and Crises, Transformations, Death, Financial Investments and Sexuality

The 9th House:  Travels, Higher Thinking/Education, Spirituality and Foreign Matters

The 10th House:  Social Success, Professional Destiny and Your Mother

The 11th House:  Friends, Hopes and Dreams, Supports

The 12th House:  Secrets, Enemies, Difficulties, Solitude

Saturn also helps us clear away persons and situations that we really don’t need even if we think we do.  Sometimes Saturn will move in such a way as to clear the deck so to speak so that other more positive and beneficial relationships can be formed.  Saturn does not operate like fate, we build up circumstances in our lives of our own doing and we live the consequences of actions or choices that we have made good or bad.  When Saturn makes a transit (moves through) a house, pay attention to that house (area of life) where Saturn is working.  We reap what we sow and if we sow good seeds we will have a good harvest.   Saturn governs regrets and grief of things from the past at harvest time if we have not conducted ourselves in a decent manner and have not learned our life lessons.





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Birth Chart Rectification – What is it? by Janet Canedo

Leonardo DeCaprio The reason astrologers need your birth time is to figure out what your “Ascendant” or “Rising Sign” is.  Your Ascendant (Rising Sign) is the line marked “AC” at the left side of the wheel in the chart shown (Birth Chart of Actor Leonardo DiCaprio) also known as the 1st House of The Self.  If you are having trouble understanding this, it’s the line on the left half of the chart at 9:00 if you imagined that the chart was a regular clock instead of an astrological one.

Many people don’t know what their birth time is, either it was not recorded on their birth certificate or they were adopted or there were just so many kids in the family Mom & Dad can’t remember.  For most of us, Mom & Dad can give an approximate time of birth.

Rectification is the process of correcting ones birth time as to figure out the true Ascendant (Rising Sign), the true time of birth.  Without an Ascendant, there are no Houses (the twelve segments of the chart wheel), without Houses (which describe the parts of life) the parts of life are not clearly identified.

When we have an accurate Ascendant, we can observe the timing for events throughout the life with better accuracy.  The planetary placements are in their proper place and the chart is true for interpretation.

Rectification as quoted in the Astrology Dictionary ( is:  “The premise underlying birth chart rectification is that if a person’s birth chart is supposed to reflect both the nature of their life as well as events that will occur during the course of it, then it should be possible to infer what placements a person should have in their chart by working backwards from known events and circumstances in the person’s life.”

If the birth time is unknown you can still read the chart by always calculating the chart at 12:00pm Noontime at the place of birth.  You will not have the proper house placements however you will treat the chart in these cases as if it were the true birth chart.  I know some will disagree with me here but until a chart can be Rectified later on, the Noon chart is suitable for reading and a step in the right direction.  From the Noon chart one can then look backward to events in the life that would have directly affected the Ascendant (The Self, Rising Sign) and other factors to determine the true Ascendant/Rising Sign.

(Leonardo DiCaprio is a Sun Sign Scorpio with his Ascendant in Libra (“Libra Rising Sign”).







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The Books I Use to do Astrology by Janet Cañedo

The primary book I use for NATAL interpretation and recommend for beginners is written by Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker, it’s called “The Astrologer’s Handbook”.  I’ve yet to see a better written Natal book.  It has all the basics and is so well organized.  If you are a beginner, buy this book first.

The book I use on the daily as a reference is called “Planets in Transit” by Robert Hand, a man who has dedicated his life to the study of astrology and is a brilliant genius in his own right…AND he’s a very nice guy.  I’ve had the honor to have engaged him a few times after reading his book cover to cover and back again and continue to read.  I’m on my third copy because I use it so much.  A masterpiece.

Predictive Astrology by Frances Sakoain and Louis Acker.  This is the #1 for reading Progressed Horoscopes (Life Progressions).  So accurate, there is no other as far as I’m concerned.  I use Planets in Transit to read progressions in conjunction with this book for further confirmation and insight.

Planets in Composite by Robert Hand.  Robert Hand really has it going on in his Planets in Composite book, a Composite chart is a chart of a relationship between two people.  Not how well they blend together as a pair but rather the chart of the relationship itself.  By doing a composite chart and using this book to interpret the nature of the relationship then comparing transits to the composite chart will you see the lifetime of the relationship.  Ups, downs, beginnings, endings… so very cool indeed when using the Composite Book and Planets in Transit Book as a pair.

The Astrology of Human Relationships by Frances Sakoain and Louis Acker.   This book is a great interpretive tool to see how compatible you are with another person.  If you study astrology in any depth you need this book of course because most people want to know about relationships of all kinds. 

There are many other books I read and highly respect such as all of Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson’s astrology books – read about her here:



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Start the New Year with a Fresh Perspective!

Reveal Your True Potential

“The Sky Within” Astrological Report

The Sky Within is an outstanding report that will take you on a personal journey  to discover the endless universe of potential within you!

When reading your personal Sky Within report, it is not unusual to discover talents or confirm characteristics that you may have felt present within you, but that may not yet be fully expressed in your life.

Man touches sky in landscape creting ripples in the scene

It’s not the kind of report you casually page through like a magazine, picking up a bit here, and passing over another there. From beginning to end, it’s an intimate, revealing personal description. You’ll read every page until you get to the end, think about what you’ve learned, and then go back again later to watch it expand itself further after the first read has sunk in.

Like any astrological natal or birth report, the Sky Within covers all the bases: planets, signs, houses, and aspects. But instead of listing individual elements that stand apart, this master storyteller sits down with you and weaves them all together into a unified blanket that embraces you with warmth and understanding. It is like a conversation with a very close and trusted teacher and friend.

Filled with insight

Your report is presented in a way that allows you to acknowledge truths about yourself and life that ring so true you feel you knew them already, yet you’re hearing them for the first time spoken in just this way. This very report has opened the doors to astrology to many who later became astrologers themselves. It shows in its own intimate, satisfying way, that the door to yourself is the door to the universe. Reach out and open it.

Steven Forrest is the astrologer who created this unique perspective on an  astrological chart.
Steven is one of the best and most popular astrological  writers of our time and he is also one of the most intuitive astrological  counselors we know. His sensitivity to how our personalities and potential are  expressed in a natal chart, combined with a deep universal spirituality, is  reflected in every report.
Steven’s unique approach to a natal chart will charm,  enlighten, and encourage you on a deep and soul-felt level.

Report averages 15 pages

This is a MUST for anyone new to astrology — and a unique perspective for those with  many years of astrological studies. Steven Forrest will present you with all the information  you need to make wiser choices for a more fulfilling life — and open your mind and heart  to your own Sky Within.

Even if you have had a previous reading of your natal chart, this reading is highly recommended for those seeking spiritual reassurance and internal guideposts to universal harmony.

Makes a great gift

Giving a Sky Within report as a gift may be one of the nicest things you can do for someone you care about, and this report is sure to please.

How to Order:

To Order your very own “Sky Within” in-depth report, please email me at and provide your Birthday, Place of Birth and Time of Birth (if available).  Type “SKY WITHIN” into the subject line. Then go to Paypal and send $14.95 to and I will email your personalized report in .pdf format.  It’s that easy!

(Adobe Acrobat Reader Required- Get Free Download Here:


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Hit the brakes! Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2015 & 2016 by Janet Canedo

mercuryWhy is it that every single time I get the urge to go out and buy electronics or have the brainstorm of a lifetime I find out that Mercury is Retrograde?

I seem to get filled up with all kinds of new ideas that I want to act upon during Mercury Retrograde .  I have to force myself to hold back on my plans which is the best thing to do and I’ll tell you why:

Mercury Retrograde is when the planet Mercury appears to be moving in a backward motion from our view here on earth.  It’s not really moving backward, no planet actually does that, but it is the axis in which the earth is revolving during these times that make Mercury “appear” to be moving backward and it happens about 3-4 times per year.

During these times, Mercury affects our thought processes, computers, machinery, communications and travel here on earth.  It’s a time when your car breaks down or your computer crashes.  The TV goes on the blink and your travel plans go awry.  You are sure you are driving the right way and then you figure out you have long past your destination.  Your flight gets cancelled and the airport loses your luggage.  You think something is a great idea and then later on you cannot figure out what was so great about it – you end up changing your mind.  Mercury Retrograde causes delays and frustrations and it’s not a time for starting on new endeavors.  The job you accept now may not turn out the way you intended and the same goes for new personal relationships.

The general rule for Mercury Retrograde is “Don’t Sign and Don’t Buy”.  Avoid signing important contracts during these periods especially if you are buying a big ticket item such as a house or signing a marriage contract (I cringe when I meet brides who have planned their weddings on Mercury Retrograde days).

During these Mercury Retrograde periods it is best to reflect on what you are already doing and things that have already been established in “the past”.  Go back to something and try again, do things over and re-plan.  Finish up old projects, call a long lost friend to re-connect or give it another go with your ex.  Mercury Retrograde allows us to go back and “try again”.  These are the times when you will hear from old friends of the past.

Gemini’s and Virgo’s are affected a bit more strongly by Mercury Retrogrades than the rest of us because their ruling planet is Mercury and they feel the vibrations more strongly.  Same goes for Moon in Gemini or Virgo people.

Here are the Mercury Retrograde dates for 2015 and 2016.  When Mercury goes “direct” is when Mercury is out of retrograde.  Leave 2-3 days before and after each retrograde to be completely out of a retrograde period.

2015 Retrograde Dates

In 2015, Mercury will be retrograde during:

  • January 21 – February 11
  • May 19 – June 11
  • September 17 – October 9

2016 Mercury Retrograde Dates

January 5th 2016 (Aquarius) – January 25th 2016 (Capricorn)

April 28th 2016 – May 22nd 2016 (Taurus)

August 30th 2016 – September 21st 2016 (Virgo)

December 19th 2016 (Sagittarius) – January 8th 2017 (Capricorn)

Investigating Drug and Alcohol Pre-Disposition in the Natal Chart by Janet Canedo

DrugsAlcoholNeptune is the planet ruling alcohol and mind altering drugs, anesthesia and anything else that will knock you out. It has been my experience that Neptune in conjunction with the Sun or Moon within 3 degrees either way is a very strong indicator of a predisposition to drug or alcohol addiction or both. Angular placed planets in hard aspects (conjunction 0*-8* orb/opposition 180* with 8* orb allowance/square 90* with 8* orb allowance/quincunx 150* with 8* orb allowance) to Neptune can be of concern.  Moon or Neptune in hard aspect or conjunct Saturn is also a factor and any other detrimental aspects adding to that confirm further.  Water signs are risky for the mere fact that alcohol is a liquid so any hard aspects to a Water Sun by Neptune is an indicator.  Midpoints play a role in your study because they signify direction in life so hard aspects by Neptune combined with other planets to the nodes (midpoints) are to be looked into.  Concentrations of planets in Pisces with angular detriments from Saturn or Neptune can also play a role.  Jupiter in a water sign opposition Pluto as well.

If one feels there is an alcohol or drug addiction problem, Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous have programs and fellowships worldwide that have helped millions of people cope with the diseases of alcohol or drug addiction.

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Who Should You Marry? Love and The 7th House by Janet Canedo

tie the knotMost people who consult astrologers are very curious about their love lives.  Often they already have a love interest in mind and want to know if they are compatible.  Marriage is ruled by the 7th house of the zodiac so looking to the seventh house of your natal chart is where you will start.  What sign is on the cusp of the 7th house?  You will want a partner with qualities like that sign.  If it’s Aquarius you will want someone unique and free-spirited and maybe a little zany.  Mars you will prefer someone who is a go getter, energetic and brave.  Cancer would be a caring homebody and so on.  Look for the planet that rules your 7th house and take note of what house it’s in and that is your potential marriage partner.  If you have the chart of your potential mate look to see that your Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars are in good aspect to planets in the chart of the partner.  The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars should not have any hard aspects (square, opposition, conjunctions) to Saturn, Uranus or Pluto.  If your partner has the Sun or Moon or Venus or Mercury or Mars on the ruler of your seventh house you may have found your true soul mate!

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And the Cradle Will Rock, Full Moon Lunar Eclipses by Janet Canedo

Eclipses bring changes of events – Opportunities, births, deaths, marriages, new jobs, promotions, travel, changes in health, divorce, all things that propel us into new directions therefore promoting growth, experience and maturity in our lives.

Eclipses shine light on situations you didn’t see before or didn’t know existed.  New developments come to your attention enabling you to change your course of action whether you want to or not.

When an eclipse falls within 5 days of your birthday it means that the coming year will be full of activity having to do with the houses in which the eclipse is falling with the sun and the moon.   All eclipses create endings and beginnings for those the eclipses affect directly.  During an eclipse you will see much coming and going on around you, just watch the news to witness more extraordinary happenings than usual.

Eclipses can cause people to be more emotional than usual.  Caution should be used while driving and doing just regular everyday tasks in general.  Listen to what is going on around you during an eclipse, either obvious or not so obvious signals you may receive during these times will give you an insight of events to come.